Our Team Makes Your Dreams Come To Life

Matt Herrington Tree Service stands for Quality expertise experience. We strive to protect the environment and use only eco-friendly materials.


Owner Matt Herrington& several employees make up the team at Matt Herrington Tree Service. We have a Tree Service Specialists, an Apprentice, Climber, Groundsmen along with interns on a steady basis. We work with several smaller businesses in our community. Our Accounting Professional Executive takes care of our inside duties to better serve our customers with questions and billing.


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Matt Herrington


Matt is 2nd generation Family owner and operator. He graduated from Kennesaw State with bachelor degrees in Business and Professional Sales.  From a young boy, he watched his family business grow from ground up working and learning every step of the way.  Matt's vision is to continue the success of Herrington Tree Service.

“Thank you to all our loyal customers for using and referring  our company. Without you, the company wouldn't be what it is today! It's been a pleasure to serve our community!” — MATT HERRINGTON



Brad has been with the company for over 20 years.  He is the frontline supervisor to all of the crew.  Brad is there for you from start to finish and he directly communicates with the clients onsite. After your initial consultation with Matt, Brad's number one concern is the safety of our clients, crew and any observing bystanders.  Brad is responsible for planning and strategically laying out the job for the crew. If the crew is working for you and you need to ask a question, please ask for Brad!



Jose has been with the company for over 15 years. He is an expert climber and highly skilled at performing his job high from the ground. It takes years and years of experience to perform the job of a climber as well as Jose performs. You can surely be amazed at the precision and precautions Jose takes effortlessly while doing his job.



Donnie is also one of our dedicated employees and has been with the company for over 3 years. The responsibilities are endless for a groundsman and Donnie has mastered the techniques to communicate with the climber and clear out the debris below. You will see Donnie working with other groundsman to wrap up the job and leave your yard in tip top shape!


Accounting Professional Executive

Janie started in January of 2018 and oversees all internal operations. She is the one answering the phone and redirecting client information in order for us to come out to give quotes and consultations. She creates your account so we can better serve all of your needs. If you need to contact the office with any questions or concerns, Janie is more than happy to assist you. All billing inquiries may be submitted to Janie.